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about us

Terra Venture Partners is the leading Israeli multi-stage fund investing in and incubating novel technology companies.

We focus on efficiency, sustainability, mobility and wellness from pre-seed to early & growth stage.

We stand at the gateway of Israeli innovation, a recognized powerhouse of original thought and breakthrough ideas.

From this unique vantage point, Terra Venture Partners offers emerging Israeli companies streamlined access to strategic partners and industry leaders to better address the market challenges and transform innovations into influence.

Our approach

We embrace change. We look for disruption. We seek drive and momentum. We imagine the future.

That’s why at Terra Venture Partners, we seek out the ideas - and the people - that are the true game-changers.

We have the expertise, the knowledge, the network, and the drive to push ideas forward. We possess the power to convert a challenge into a commercialized technology.

We take a hands-on approach to each portfolio company that is focused on guiding our entrepreneurs in a collaborative way to promote relationships and encourage growth.

Be a Part of the Terra Community

  • If you have a game-changing idea that will change the way we live or work...
  • If you are an experienced Israeli entrepreneur with a vision of the future...
  • If you are looking for a dynamic, creative environment to pursue the challenge of commercializing an idea...Pitch Us

We offer investment initiatives to match different stages:

Terra Venture Partners

From ideas to market. It’s here that our businesses take off. Terra Venture Partners provides funding for our companies to move into the market with their passion, their energy, and their proven game-changing technology or product.

Our typical early & growth stage investment: $1 million to $2 million.

Terralab Ventures

Through our technology incubator, TerraLab Ventures, we support our portfolio companies with an initial investment (through Israel’s Technological Incubator program), logical business development strategies, and access to our global network of partners to continue the momentum.
Our typical seed investment: $600,000 to $1 million.


Ideas begin from an inkling. tcamp, our pre-seed accelerator program, starts directly from the inkling - the spark - of a passionate entrepreneur.
Working together, we establish and invest in these very young companies at the intersection between IT and Cleantech: Digital Cleantech.

Our typical pre-seed investment: up to $100,000.

Our Focus

We examine potential investments from six critical angles:

Opportunity, Industry Segment, Investment Size, Market Size, Team, and Position.


We look at the potential for disruption and for collaboration, and for improving the way we live.


We focus on clean technologies that minimize the impact on the environment and improve health and wellness.



Depending on the stage, our investment typically ranges between $100,000 to $2 million.



Our companies play in the large global market with the big players. That’s how we believe early- and growth-stage companies flourish.


We look for talented, energetic entrepreneurs who want to build world-class clean technology companies. We want future-focused individuals willing to learn and willing to share.


We are often the first investor, playing a critical role in moving our companies ahead. 


The professionals at Terra are dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs, connecting them with early adopters, and encouraging the exchange of ideas.


Our in-house experts build new technology from the ground up to link our entrepreneurs and connect our community, so our CEOs can ask questions, share content, learn from each other, and make better decisions faster.

Reaching out to our network, we cultivate the exchange of ideas and expose our companies to opportunities beyond the “drawing board.”


A great idea and a passionate entrepreneur have no traction without a well-formulated plan to move forward. At Terra Venture Partners, we guide and assist our companies through the maze of business development activities, from developing compelling stories to preparing realistic forecasts, in a carefully orchestrated way.

We schedule and organize regular meetings with guest speakers from industry, academia, media, and government to bring together our entrepreneurs and investors in an
atmosphere that nurtures insightful discussion.


We think of our VenturePedia service as “just ask” service our venture, cleantech, and business development community. It’s "concierge" research that’s always available to seek out the answers to questions from the minute to the monumental.

Cleantech in Israel

By the numbers

  • #1

    (in 2012)

    in emerging cleantech innovation companies

  • $1


    Gov’t commitment toward cleantech

  • #1

    in the world

    in the use of solar energy per capita

  • $200


    invested in cleantech R&D

Israel by numbers

  • #1

    in the world

    R&D as % of GDP

  • #1

    in the world

    Nasdaq-listed companies (outside of North America)

  • #1

    in the world

    VC investment per capita

  • #1

    in the world

    Engineers per capita

  • ~ 4%

    yearly economic growth
  • A+

    credit rating
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